Responsive Holiday Website

“h.o.f.n.a.r. means court jester in Dutch” … so says Daniel Janes, the man behind this holiday company with a difference. Daniel organises actioned packed group holidays for 20-30 somethings; be it snowboarding, surfing, mountain biking, power boating or another thrill seeking activity, you can be sure Daniel has been there, done it!

Daniel asked us to re-design his existing site so that it would be more mobile friendly so we introduced him to the concept of responsive websites and he was sold.

As the existing design (by Rye designer Tommy Rocket) was still current, the site just needed redeveloping to make use of Zurb’s responsive framework, Foundation.

Now Daniel is happy that the content he publishes will be displayed to the best ability on all modern devices without him have to worry too much about it!

Laura’s New Website

Laura Oakes is widely recognised for her unique style of “digital decoupage”, featuring layers of vintage and hand-drawn imagery with her own photography.

We’ve been working with Laura for six months to develop her designs and ideas into a working and functional website.

Laura has had an integral role in designing the look and layout her own website from the overall layout to the roll overs and jQuery features.

Our job has been to pull her ideas and requirements together into this beautifully designed package.

Her website is powered by WordPress with a bespoke theme that makes use of built in features to deliver her content.

Laura can easily manage all content within her site but that’s not all. We have developed her WordPress theme to work for her. When Laura uploads a new product and tags it with relevant keywords, the site automatically displays the product on other “similar” product pages using a jQuery image slider.

Product pages also make use of other jQuery elements including a feature called “Cloud Zoom” which allows users to look at the product images in more detail.

Laura’s unique designs have made her website a refreshing challenge to develop and it is no surprise that we look forward to working on new features that are already in the pipeline!

World Wild Web

We’ve just given the website for Wild Boar Week a makeover ready for this year’s event.

Wild Boar Week is a food event in Rye, East Sussex and this year the website needed re-vamping to be able to include all the new events that are being organised from live music to art exhibitions.

The original website was setup with WordPress but using the default theme. We have designed and developed a completely new theme which makes use of WordPress’ new built-in header and background options.

The theme also allows for posts to contain location data (latitude and longitude coordinates) which means that posts can be automatically placed on a Google map.

Custom fields have been used to allow a post to define another post as it’s “location” which means that event and menu item posts can be assigned to their restaurant or venue posts.

Featured images are made use of and these images are shown both on the post pages, on map pins and on archive pages as promo boxes with jQuery rollover effect.

Our aim was to create an event theme that would be able to display all the different types of information to the user in a clear and aesthetically pleasing manner.