Migrate from Visual Composer to Gutenberg

With WordPress’ new Gutenberg editor now the default visual editor for content, there are many, many sites still using alternative editor plugins like Visual Composer.

Visual Composer is a plugin that was extremely useful for site owners to quickly and easily design content for their sites. It was often bundled with their theme.

The plugin is, however, very bulky, slows down the loading of sites and most of what it achieves is now able to be achieved with the built-in Gutenberg block editor.

This was the case for this client’s site and whilst they liked the design of their existing site they wanted to move forward with the way WordPress Core was progressing; leaving Visual Composer behind in favour of Gutenberg.

So we re-created the look and feel of their site using WordPress’ default theme Twenty Seventeen and the Options for Twenty Seventeen plugin developed by our sister company, Webd Ltd.

COVID-19 Redesign

This popular tapas and cocktail bar in Hastings Old Town needed to quickly and cheaply deploy a new website to reflect their diversification in these crazy, un-certain times.

So they called us in and we set about creating an online shop for them using WooCommerce.

CakePHP Migration

We were contacted to see if we could help with two interconnected, bespoke websites developed with a CakePHP backend and a WordPress frontend.

The end goal was to move the site from slow cloud hosting to a Centos virtual private server whilst upgrading PHP, CakePHP, MySQL and WordPress as far as possible, identifying and eradicating bugs and generally cleaning up the filesystem.

This project was extremely challenging due to the complicated nature of the migration but the sites are now being happily hosted on the new VPS and is much, much faster!

Development of Artist’s Gallery Shop

It was a great honour to have been asked to re-develop this website. The artist Danny Pockets sadly lost his fight with cancer earlier in the year.

His website had been developed with classic ASP and had security holes that were allowing hackers to compromise it.

We chose to use the WordPress plugin WooCommerce to replace the online shop with the default theme, Twenty Seventeen as the foundation for this project. We applied design changes (most prominently the header slider) retrospectively using our plugin “Options for Twenty Seventeen” and other bespoke code.

The result is a website that is future-proofed through its use of a theme that will be supported for many years to come.

Development of Estate Agent Website

We were set the task of developing a secure front end to a large chain of estate agents in the south east for them to promote their large portfolio of properties to their customers.

We created a website that exactly matched their design and feature requirements which hooked into their existing property management software which allowed their new properties and amended property details to be automatically displayed on the website without any requirement for them to have to do so themselves!

Responsive Videos

Here’s a website we’ve just completed for the Queen of Horror Festival in Hastings, www.pittofhorror.com.

Aside from being completely responsive, working on multiple devices and screen sizes, one of the features of this site that we like is the video on the homepage.

Zurb Foundation create a lovely wrapper for Vimeo and YouTube videos to make them responsive (they stretch and shrink to fit the size of the screen being used) whilst WordPress has a great feature that auto-embeds videos by just pasting the video link into the post or page.

We have combined these two features with a simple bit of PHP that adds the responsive wrapper to the auto-embedded videos. If you want to use it in your own WordPress theme, just add this code to your functions.php file in your theme …

add_filter(’embed_oembed_html’, ’embed_flex_video’, 99, 4);
function embed_flex_video($html, $url, $attr, $post_id) {
return ‘<div class=”flex-video”>’ . $html . ‘</div>’;

WordPress Migration

We are often approached by clients who are happy with the look of their websites, but would like to be able to use a content management system.

This was the case for Michael Blandy Solicitors in Hastings. We’ve taken their existing website and migrated it to use WordPress as a content management system, making use of the built in features like Custom Menus, Featured Images and Widget Areas to make the transition as easy as possible for the client.

We also made use of WordPress built in blogging features (posts, categories and tags) to allow the client to publish unique, relevant content properly tagged and categorised in the form of a News section.

Hastings Pirate Day Website

We arrrgh extremely proud to announce that we will be producing this year’s Hastings Pirate Day web site.

“Jolly” Roger Crouch and his band of scurvy dogs will be working hard to smash the world record currently held by Penzance (8,734 pirates) and bring it back to Hastings where it belongs!

The date for your diaries is the 22nd July 2012 but in the meantime, please make sure you follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep on top of the latest information.