Responsive Holiday Cottage Theme

We have been working with Camber Holiday Cottages for many years

Their last website was built using WordPress but before responsive websites were mainstream so an upgrade was on the cards.

They loved their original design so just required the site to be redeveloped with a responsive framework. We also made use of the new theme customisation options in WordPress and took on board quite a few new features that the client asked us to build into the new design for them including slideshow thumbnails, responsive columns on archive pages, automatic display of cottages on the home page and tabbed content on property pages.

Responsive Delicatessen Website

Here’s a website we put together for the Rye Deli

They wanted a way to show the world what they sold with photos and chalk boards.

We setup a host of custom post templates which allowed them to manage their content easily from within the standard WordPress content management system.

Bespoke Responsive Hotel WordPress Theme

Working again with designer extraordinaire, Tommy Rockett, we were asked to realise the new design for the Lodge at Winchelsea

The client was keen to have lots of information on a single page without the user having to reload the page so we made use of Foundation’s tabbed content. This works well on mobile devices as well so was a perfect responsive solution.

We also made use of WordPress’ inbuilt features to allow the client to easily manage the menu system, promo bar, slideshows, tabbed content and footer area.

Budget Responsive Web Design

Here’s another example of a bespoke, responsive, WordPress website that won’t break the bank. This one template WordPress theme uses Zurb’s Foundation framework and all the features of WordPress to make the content management system as easy to use as possible.

Take a look at the site


Responsive Holiday Website

“h.o.f.n.a.r. means court jester in Dutch” … so says Daniel Janes, the man behind this holiday company with a difference. Daniel organises actioned packed group holidays for 20-30 somethings; be it snowboarding, surfing, mountain biking, power boating or another thrill seeking activity, you can be sure Daniel has been there, done it!

Daniel asked us to re-design his existing site so that it would be more mobile friendly so we introduced him to the concept of responsive websites and he was sold.

As the existing design (by Rye designer Tommy Rocket) was still current, the site just needed redeveloping to make use of Zurb’s responsive framework, Foundation.

Now Daniel is happy that the content he publishes will be displayed to the best ability on all modern devices without him have to worry too much about it!

Responsive Videos

Here’s a website we’ve just completed for the Queen of Horror Festival in Hastings,

Aside from being completely responsive, working on multiple devices and screen sizes, one of the features of this site that we like is the video on the homepage.

Zurb Foundation create a lovely wrapper for Vimeo and YouTube videos to make them responsive (they stretch and shrink to fit the size of the screen being used) whilst WordPress has a great feature that auto-embeds videos by just pasting the video link into the post or page.

We have combined these two features with a simple bit of PHP that adds the responsive wrapper to the auto-embedded videos. If you want to use it in your own WordPress theme, just add this code to your functions.php file in your theme …

add_filter(’embed_oembed_html’, ’embed_flex_video’, 99, 4);
function embed_flex_video($html, $url, $attr, $post_id) {
return ‘<div class=”flex-video”>’ . $html . ‘</div>’;

Responsive Holiday Cottage Website

We developed this responsive website with a simple but effective design for a new self catering holiday cottage in the medieval town of Rye, East Sussex.

The client was keen to be able to manage their website themselves and hadn’t any experience in this department.

With WordPress as a content management system, we were confident that this requirement wouldn’t be a problem. We also used Zurb’s Foundation as a responsive framework to enable the site to be viewed on multiple devices and screen sizes.

Responsive Shopping Cart

The Rye Spice Co. Ltd. are a family run business in Rye Harbour. Their extensive range of herbs and spices are shipped all over the country and more recently they have discovered the importance of an online shop.

Their original shop was a simple Paypal solution where each product would have to have a separate “Add to Cart” button manually created in Paypal. This was a very cost effective solution to test the market but proved to be extremely labour intensive, especially when the prices had to be changed!

We have developed a bespoke WordPress theme that makes use of the eShop plugin and now managing their online shop is much easier. You can see their website here

Rye Spice already used WordPress so the migration wasn’t hard at all, in fact for the most part, their existing product posts were all used and adapted to work with eShop.

Furthermore, Rye Spice recognised the importance of the mobile and tablet market so were extremely keen to make sure their new site was responsive, delivering content that displays well on all devices.

“I love the site on a mobile! Looks so much better than a smaller version of the normal site. Thanks!” Anita Hollands, Rye Spice Co. Ltd.

Responsive Guest House Website

Willow Tree House is a luxury bed and breakfast in Rye, East Sussex.

Their website was originally designed by Richard Harris when the house was refurbished in 2007. The new owners, Liz and Adrian, still liked the design of their site, they just wanted to be able to easily update it themselves and for it to be viewable on any device.

Using the existing design as a base, we created a bespoke WordPress theme that utilised the responsive framework Foundation by Zurb. This perfectly satisfied the clients requirements.

“May I say how pleased we are with the website. It looks much fresher and up-to-date well done.” Adrian Austin, Willow Tree House

Responsive Website for Café des Fleurs

Café des Fleurs is a coffee house in Rye with a difference, they sell beautiful flowers. Having recently moved from their original location on Strand Quay, they are now to be found next to the Railway Station, much to the commuters’ delight!

Lucy wasn’t content with just a geographical change and asked us to realise a website design by local photographer Richard Harris to compliment the new surroundings.

The resulting has been developed using Zurb’s responsive framework Foundation. This enables the site to work on all devices intuitively. The large background images (which resize depending on the browser size) for example, are not shown on mobile and other smaller devices to reduce bandwidth demand and to enhance legibility.

Lucy has full control of her website using the WordPress content management system which she took to extremely quickly.

The bespoke WordPress theme makes full use of available theme features to help Lucy to manage such as custom header image, widget sidebars, custom menus, featured images and the gallery.

Keane to go Responsive

Over the last nine months, we have been working with the Battle Marketing Group on a secret project to help promote the beautiful town of Battle and the surrounding area.

Keane have always held their hometown in high regard but with the launch of their latest album Strangland, they have taken it to a new level mentioning multiple local roads and landmarks in their songs.

We had the idea to tie all this together with an online trail to aid visiting fans in locating these points of interest and walking in their heroes’ footsteps … and so was born Keane Trail.

It was quite obvious from the off that the site would have to work on all devices (especially mobiles and tablets) as fans would be eagerly hunting down the next location out in the Sussex countryside. We also required a content management system that the Battle Marketing Group could easily update themselves.

We decided to mesh together two brilliant tools; WordPress and Zurb Foundation.

Zurb Foundation is a responsive framework that allows websites to just work on anything whilst still looking awesome.

The various points of interest are entered as posts and geo tagged with points of latitude and longitude which allows them to be pin pointed easily on a Google Map and categorised accordingly.

We absolutely love the resulting Keane Trail and hope that it brings hoards of fans to the area!

What the Fans Said:

Here are some of the comments that came in on Twitter within the first 24 hours of launching the site!

“A great idea! Hope to do the Keane trail again soon, it’s a lovely part of world as well!”
Sue Redfern @suered

“I’m looking forward to visiting Europe – and the Keane Trail as a highlight – some day #soon! Congrats & cheers from Buenos Aires!”
Sandra M ‏@aquiSandri

“What a great idea! Someday I’ll do the Keane Trail. Greetings from Chile :)”
Iron-nacha ‏@Nachunga4

“Hi. I live in Bexhill so am thrilled to be able to go on a Keane Trail. Even though I know the area like the back of my hand :-)”
Judy Pearce ‏@Mad4mogzz

“@KeaneTrail your website is AMAZING! We love it :D”
Keane Fans Indonesia ‏@KeaneFansIndo

“I know you’ve heard many thanks, but really, THANK YOU! I’ve been hoping for something like this for a while. :-)”
Jo Ann Champion ‏@littlepigletta

“Am going to do the trail at some point. Sounds really good. :)”
Gill Barnes ‏@GillBarnes2

“Love, love, love it! 😀 I thinks it’s an amazing idea! Such a great thing for fans! x”
Elena Ilyukhina ‏@Lena_Ilyukhina

“Thanks a lot for this marvellous idea! Greetings from all colombian fans :)”
Keane Colombia ‏@KeaneColombia

“Just got to check out the website and wow I love it, so detailed and wonderful! #wouldlovetovisitsomeday”
Jessica H. ‏@Jess1820

“Can’t do any work today thanks to your site! 2013 dream is to finally see Keane live and visit the Trail. Appreciate the help!”
Marie Reyes ‏@mariesusanreyes

“I love the website and interview so much! xo”
Kari @Splendid_Blend

“Love the site! Awesome idea 🙂 Visiting is on my wish list.”
Yuliya ‏@YYonch

“I’m a fan of Google Maps, been doing the virtual tours since I knew of Battle and I heard SLC! Now you’re the best guide ever!”
Sandra M ‏@aquiSandri

“What a fantastic idea. I was planning on doing the pilgrimage in June before #glasto. Planning is much easier with your site!”
Leah Salt ‏@Alphamoongirl

“I’m loving @keaneTrail website! That was a great idea to make this trail! X”
Elena Ilyukhina ‏@Lena_Ilyukhina

What the Press Said:

The Argus

The Rye and Battle Observer

A Responsive Rye Christmas

The branding for Rye’s Christmas Festival is very M&S this year and we think this complements the quality of the town’s High Street. We offered to reflect this identity with a free website.

But, we don’t do things by halves so just because we didn’t charge, didn’t mean we produced a sub-standard product, oh no!

As always we used WordPress as the content management system. We then built a bespoke theme which makes use of the responsive framework called Foundation by Zurb.

What this means is that the website will look great on any device, and we don’t have to worry about it!

Responsive websites really are the way forward and we’ve undertaken plenty of research to make sure that we’re ahead of the game in this respect.

So here it is, our first site that meshes together two great frameworks, WordPress and Zurb Foundation.

It’s simple, and we like it!