Responsive Holiday Cottage Theme

We have been working with Camber Holiday Cottages for many years

Their last website was built using WordPress but before responsive websites were mainstream so an upgrade was on the cards.

They loved their original design so just required the site to be redeveloped with a responsive framework. We also made use of the new theme customisation options in WordPress and took on board quite a few new features that the client asked us to build into the new design for them including slideshow thumbnails, responsive columns on archive pages, automatic display of cottages on the home page and tabbed content on property pages.

WordPress Hacked

We’re not going to say that you can make your WordPress website completely impregnable, but there are a few simple things you can do to make it less likely to be targeted:

  1. Make sure your passwords are strong
    Do not use weak passwords such as dictionary words, always make sure that your password contains numbers, punctuation and both lower and upper case characters. The easiest way you can do this is to think of a song lyric that you will never forget and use that.
  2. Delete admin accounts that are not used or needed
    Do not keep  user accounts that have administrator privileges if they are not used or needed, they are a risk as they provide potential hackers with another possible avenue into your control panel. Don’t worry about losing content that these user accounts have created, when deleting you can assign all content to another existing user.
  3. Secure your Admin account
    It’s one thing to make sure you have a strong password but if your administrator account has the default “admin” username then this just makes it that much easier for hackers to try to brute force the password. If they don’t know the username, the password is even more secure!
  4. Make sure your WordPress installation is up-to-date
    Wordpress updates are released for two reasons; to release new features and to fix known problems. The latter is extremely important. You should update WordPress whenever possible (making sure your theme and plugins are compatible with the new version) as this will make sure that known vulnerabilities in the core system are patched and potential threats avoided.
  5. Keep your plugins in check
    If you’re not using a plugin then deactivate it, preferably deleting it as well. Unused plugins can be a security liability if not updated and may even slow your website down. If your plugin has an update, make sure it’s installed. Out-of-date plugins may contain security flaws.

Don’t forget that when performing any changes to your website you should make sure that you first have an up-to-date backup of your files and database in case something goes wrong.

We hope these tips help you keep your website secure and give you piece of mind.

Camber Holiday Cottages

We were briefed by a client in Camber to develop a website that would allow them to easily manage all their holiday cottages. Georgina wanted her new site to be very much image driven as using beautiful photographs of her properties was the direction in which she wished to progress.

We have now helped her launch which uses a bespokely developed WordPress theme with multiple custom templates for the various sections.

We used custom fields to allow Georgina to add dynamic maps and rates. Custom fields were also used to embed a third party availability chart.

Allowing Georgina to easily select various facilities with icons for each property was solved by further developing WordPress’ post tags to incorporate icons that match the tag slugs.

Overall our favourite part of this website’s design, however, is the use of our WordPress plugin, Easy Slider, which shows the properties in a random order on the home page and property photographs on the cottage pages.

All in all, we have thoroughly enjoyed working on this web site and are very pleased with the end result … as is Georgina!

“A brilliant collaboration – Olly you are amazing, thank you for your patience and understanding … brilliant site.”
Georgina Holt, Camber Holiday Cottages

Web Design on a Budget

A web site for your business needn’t break the bank but could be extremely cost effective if you are prepared to get stuck in. Here is an example of a WordPress website that our client produced themselves, all we had to do was setup the content management system and give them access!

Andy Bull (the proud new owner of Dunscape, a delightful holiday home in Camber, East Sussex) was able to build a brand new web site for his business with very little damage to his wallet.

Andy already knew how to use the content management system for WordPress and had already chosen a free theme to work with. Once we had setup his installation he was able to build his own web site for by installing his chosen theme and creating the pages.

At the time of writing this we charge just £35 to help you setup WordPress as a blank canvas ready to use.