Responsive Holiday Cottage Theme

We have been working with Camber Holiday Cottages for many years

Their last website was built using WordPress but before responsive websites were mainstream so an upgrade was on the cards.

They loved their original design so just required the site to be redeveloped with a responsive framework. We also made use of the new theme customisation options in WordPress and took on board quite a few new features that the client asked us to build into the new design for them including slideshow thumbnails, responsive columns on archive pages, automatic display of cottages on the home page and tabbed content on property pages.

Responsive Delicatessen Website

Here’s a website we put together for the Rye Deli

They wanted a way to show the world what they sold with photos and chalk boards.

We setup a host of custom post templates which allowed them to manage their content easily from within the standard WordPress content management system.

Bespoke Responsive Hotel WordPress Theme

Working again with designer extraordinaire, Tommy Rockett, we were asked to realise the new design for the Lodge at Winchelsea

The client was keen to have lots of information on a single page without the user having to reload the page so we made use of Foundation’s tabbed content. This works well on mobile devices as well so was a perfect responsive solution.

We also made use of WordPress’ inbuilt features to allow the client to easily manage the menu system, promo bar, slideshows, tabbed content and footer area.

Facelift for Rye Museum’s Website

We first deployed WordPress for the Rye Castle Museum back in early 2009 (version 2.7.1) … a museum piece in itself! WordPress has served the museum well since then allowing them to categorise and archive the articles on their site and manage most things on a day to day basis.

As the years have passed, however, the museum’s needs have changed and the new features accessible by more modern themes with the latest version (version 3.5) are in abundance!

So it was time for a make-over!

With their new bespoke theme, the museum now has complete control over …

  • Logo and Title (Custom Header)
  • Header Content (Widget Sidebar)
  • Main Menu (Custom Menu)
  • Home Page Slider (Our Easy Slider Plugin)
  • Home Page Large Promo Box (Next Event)
  • Home Page Small Promo Boxes (Child Pages of Home Page)
  • Right Hand Sidebar (Widget Sidebar)
  • Footer Menu (Custom Menu)
  • Post / Page Slider (Our Easy Slider Plugin)
  • Post / Page Header Image (Featured Image)

The development costs for this project were able to be kept to a minimum as the site already made use of WordPress which also meant there wasn’t much new to learn and they were able to get going without too much trouble at all!

A Responsive Rye Christmas

The branding for Rye’s Christmas Festival is very M&S this year and we think this complements the quality of the town’s High Street. We offered to reflect this identity with a free website.

But, we don’t do things by halves so just because we didn’t charge, didn’t mean we produced a sub-standard product, oh no!

As always we used WordPress as the content management system. We then built a bespoke theme which makes use of the responsive framework called Foundation by Zurb.

What this means is that the website will look great on any device, and we don’t have to worry about it!

Responsive websites really are the way forward and we’ve undertaken plenty of research to make sure that we’re ahead of the game in this respect.

So here it is, our first site that meshes together two great frameworks, WordPress and Zurb Foundation.

It’s simple, and we like it!