Responsive Shopping Cart

The Rye Spice Co. Ltd. are a family run business in Rye Harbour. Their extensive range of herbs and spices are shipped all over the country and more recently they have discovered the importance of an online shop.

Their original shop was a simple Paypal solution where each product would have to have a separate “Add to Cart” button manually created in Paypal. This was a very cost effective solution to test the market but proved to be extremely labour intensive, especially when the prices had to be changed!

We have developed a bespoke WordPress theme that makes use of the eShop plugin and now managing their online shop is much easier. You can see their website here

Rye Spice already used WordPress so the migration wasn’t hard at all, in fact for the most part, their existing product posts were all used and adapted to work with eShop.

Furthermore, Rye Spice recognised the importance of the mobile and tablet market so were extremely keen to make sure their new site was responsive, delivering content that displays well on all devices.

“I love the site on a mobile! Looks so much better than a smaller version of the normal site. Thanks!” Anita Hollands, Rye Spice Co. Ltd.