Dynamic Website

Today we launched a brand spanking new website for one of our favourite clients, Dynamic Conferences and Events Ltd, who we have been delighted to have been working with.

www.dynamic-events.co.uk has been developed with a multi-templated, bespoke WordPress theme that makes use of custom menus, featured images and our own plugin “Easy Slider” (not yet available for public download).

Dynamic’s deadline was quite tight but we took it in our stride and they are now at Confex 2012 showing their clients their new online presence.

Web Design on a Budget

A web site for your business needn’t break the bank but could be extremely cost effective if you are prepared to get stuck in. Here is an example of a WordPress website that our client produced themselves, all we had to do was setup the content management system and give them access!

Andy Bull (the proud new owner of Dunscape, a delightful holiday home in Camber, East Sussex) was able to build a brand new web site for his business with very little damage to his wallet.

Andy already knew how to use the content management system for WordPress and had already chosen a free theme to work with. Once we had setup his installation he was able to build his own web site for dunescape.co.uk by installing his chosen theme and creating the pages.

At the time of writing this we charge just £35 to help you setup WordPress as a blank canvas ready to use.

Battle’s Big Event

Today we’ve been working with Battle’s Big Event to help them install a new WordPress theme, configure it and modify it to their requirements.

Battle’s Big Event is a community festival of Sport and culture and will run from 29th June to 9th September 2012.

Hastings Pirate Day Website

We arrrgh extremely proud to announce that we will be producing this year’s Hastings Pirate Day web site.

“Jolly” Roger Crouch and his band of scurvy dogs will be working hard to smash the world record currently held by Penzance (8,734 pirates) and bring it back to Hastings where it belongs!

The date for your diaries is the 22nd July 2012 but in the meantime, please make sure you follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep on top of the latest information.

New Blog Template

Developed a new WordPress blog template for www.room4style.com to allow them to integrate blog articles into their existing content managed web site.

We were also asked to ingegrate Twitter “Tweet” and Facebook “Share” buttons on all posts and to make use of WordPress’ built in Featured Images to allow category pages to show relevant images for posts.



We are delighted to announce that we will be working together with CRAFTED to develop their new web site www.craftedgroup.co.uk

Today we setup their holding page whilst we beaver away on their bespoke Wordpress theme.

The Highlands, Iden

Here’s a good example of one of our budget web sites www.rye-holiday-cottage.co.uk

All of this costs from just £150:

  • Setup of WordPress as a content management system
  • Installation of your chosen theme (free or bought)
  • Modification of your theme to your requirements (colour scheme, imagery, layout)
  • Setup of the web sites page structure
  • An hours one-to-one tuition to help you on your way to editing text and uploading photographs