Keane to go Responsive

Over the last nine months, we have been working with the Battle Marketing Group on a secret project to help promote the beautiful town of Battle and the surrounding area.

Keane have always held their hometown in high regard but with the launch of their latest album Strangland, they have taken it to a new level mentioning multiple local roads and landmarks in their songs.

We had the idea to tie all this together with an online trail to aid visiting fans in locating these points of interest and walking in their heroes’ footsteps … and so was born Keane Trail.

It was quite obvious from the off that the site would have to work on all devices (especially mobiles and tablets) as fans would be eagerly hunting down the next location out in the Sussex countryside. We also required a content management system that the Battle Marketing Group could easily update themselves.

We decided to mesh together two brilliant tools; WordPress and Zurb Foundation.

Zurb Foundation is a responsive framework that allows websites to just work on anything whilst still looking awesome.

The various points of interest are entered as posts and geo tagged with points of latitude and longitude which allows them to be pin pointed easily on a Google Map and categorised accordingly.

We absolutely love the resulting Keane Trail and hope that it brings hoards of fans to the area!

What the Fans Said:

Here are some of the comments that came in on Twitter within the first 24 hours of launching the site!

“A great idea! Hope to do the Keane trail again soon, it’s a lovely part of world as well!”
Sue Redfern @suered

“I’m looking forward to visiting Europe – and the Keane Trail as a highlight – some day #soon! Congrats & cheers from Buenos Aires!”
Sandra M ‏@aquiSandri

“What a great idea! Someday I’ll do the Keane Trail. Greetings from Chile :)”
Iron-nacha ‏@Nachunga4

“Hi. I live in Bexhill so am thrilled to be able to go on a Keane Trail. Even though I know the area like the back of my hand :-)”
Judy Pearce ‏@Mad4mogzz

“@KeaneTrail your website is AMAZING! We love it :D”
Keane Fans Indonesia ‏@KeaneFansIndo

“I know you’ve heard many thanks, but really, THANK YOU! I’ve been hoping for something like this for a while. :-)”
Jo Ann Champion ‏@littlepigletta

“Am going to do the trail at some point. Sounds really good. :)”
Gill Barnes ‏@GillBarnes2

“Love, love, love it! 😀 I thinks it’s an amazing idea! Such a great thing for fans! x”
Elena Ilyukhina ‏@Lena_Ilyukhina

“Thanks a lot for this marvellous idea! Greetings from all colombian fans :)”
Keane Colombia ‏@KeaneColombia

“Just got to check out the website and wow I love it, so detailed and wonderful! #wouldlovetovisitsomeday”
Jessica H. ‏@Jess1820

“Can’t do any work today thanks to your site! 2013 dream is to finally see Keane live and visit the Trail. Appreciate the help!”
Marie Reyes ‏@mariesusanreyes

“I love the website and interview so much! xo”
Kari @Splendid_Blend

“Love the site! Awesome idea 🙂 Visiting is on my wish list.”
Yuliya ‏@YYonch

“I’m a fan of Google Maps, been doing the virtual tours since I knew of Battle and I heard SLC! Now you’re the best guide ever!”
Sandra M ‏@aquiSandri

“What a fantastic idea. I was planning on doing the pilgrimage in June before #glasto. Planning is much easier with your site!”
Leah Salt ‏@Alphamoongirl

“I’m loving @keaneTrail website! That was a great idea to make this trail! X”
Elena Ilyukhina ‏@Lena_Ilyukhina

What the Press Said:

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