Holiday Company Web Redesign

“Ditch your mates!” is HOFNAR’s recent tag … perhaps “Ditch your web designer!” should be ours! ๐Ÿ˜€

Dan at HOFNAR had tried several different development agencies and avenues in vain to bring to fruition his requirements for his Ski and Snowboarding holiday website.

So we headed out to the mountains to get him sorted out …

They were already using WordPress so we were able to โ€œre-skinโ€ the existing site using the default WordPress theme, Twenty Seventeen as the foundation for this project. We applied design changes (most prominently the responsive, full screen video header) retrospectively using our plugin โ€œOptions for Twenty Seventeenโ€ and other bespoke code.

The result is a website that is future-proofed through its use of a theme that will be supported for many years to come.