Facelift for Rye Museum’s Website

We first deployed WordPress for the Rye Castle Museum back in early 2009 (version 2.7.1) … a museum piece in itself! WordPress has served the museum well since then allowing them to categorise and archive the articles on their site and manage most things on a day to day basis.

As the years have passed, however, the museum’s needs have changed and the new features accessible by more modern themes with the latest version (version 3.5) are in abundance!

So it was time for a make-over!

With their new bespoke theme, the museum now has complete control over …

  • Logo and Title (Custom Header)
  • Header Content (Widget Sidebar)
  • Main Menu (Custom Menu)
  • Home Page Slider (Our Easy Slider Plugin)
  • Home Page Large Promo Box (Next Event)
  • Home Page Small Promo Boxes (Child Pages of Home Page)
  • Right Hand Sidebar (Widget Sidebar)
  • Footer Menu (Custom Menu)
  • Post / Page Slider (Our Easy Slider Plugin)
  • Post / Page Header Image (Featured Image)

The development costs for this project were able to be kept to a minimum as the site already made use of WordPress which also meant there wasn’t much new to learn and they were able to get going without too much trouble at all!