MySQL strip_tag Function

A client came to us with over 10,000 posts on their WordPress website that had been infected with malicious Javascript …

<noindex><script id=”wpinfo-pst1″ type=”text/javascript” rel=”nofollow”>eval( … )</script></noindex>

So to remove this script from each post manually would take forever and reverting to a backup wasn’t possible as the client hadn’t realised this had happened and the compromise pre-dated any backup still held.

Unfortunately on the client’s version of MySQL REGEXP_REPLACE() does not exist so we created the following stored procedure …

DROP FUNCTION strip_tag;
   DECLARE tagstart, tagend INT DEFAULT 0; 
   SET tagstart = LOCATE(CONCAT('<', tag), content);   IF (!tagstart) THEN     RETURN content;   END IF;   SET tagend = LOCATE(concat(tag, '>'), content, tagstart + LENGTH(CONCAT('<', tag)));   IF (!tagend) THEN     SET tagend = LOCATE('>', content, tagstart + LENGTH(CONCAT('<', tag)));   ELSE     SET tagend = tagend + LENGTH(concat(tag, '>'));
   END IF;
   IF (!tagend) THEN
     RETURN content;
     SET tagend = tagend + 1;
   END IF;
   IF (tagstart = 1) THEN
     RETURN SUBSTRING(content, tagend);
     RETURN CONCAT(SUBSTRING(content, 1, tagstart - 1), SUBSTRING(content, tagend));
   END IF;

This function can then be used as follows to remove all instances of this malicious JavaScript …

UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content=strip_tag(post_content, 'noindex') WHERE post_content LIKE '%<noindex%';

Make sure you backup your database before doing anything, though. Just in case something goes wrong.

CakePHP Migration

We were contacted to see if we could help with two interconnected, bespoke websites developed with a CakePHP backend and a WordPress frontend.

The end goal was to move the site from slow cloud hosting to a Centos virtual private server whilst upgrading PHP, CakePHP, MySQL and WordPress as far as possible, identifying and eradicating bugs and generally cleaning up the filesystem.

This project was extremely challenging due to the complicated nature of the migration but the sites are now being happily hosted on the new VPS and is much, much faster!

Construction Company Website

We were brought in on this project to realise their design as a working WordPress website by our colleagues and friends at Starfish Creative.

WordPress Hotel Website

We were approached again by the beautiful and historic Mermaid Inn to re-skin their website realising a new design that they had conceived.

The new design has full-screen content and true parallax scrolling imagery.

eBike Hire Website

Here’s a budget website we put together for a local ebike hire company. Our budget sites are built with WordPress which means clients can save money by adding their own content.

Our clients find the WordPress content management system familiar and easily make changes, edit text and upload photos on their website.